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Written by IMEMC   
Thursday, 09 July 2009 09:03
The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank, the department of Public Health, issued a detailed report on swine-flu and officially diagnosed cases during the month of June.

The Ministry said that 37 persons were diagnosed in June, and that they treated by Tamiflu medication, and that fifteen of them were fully recovered.

The Ministry added that only on case needed hospitalization, while the rest received treated at home as they conditions were mild.
The distribution of infected cases according to age;
  • Four cases under the age of five.
  • Five cases between the ages of five and nine.
  • Nine cases between the ages of nine and ten.
  • Eight cases between the ages of twenty and twenty-nine. 
  • Five cases thirty and thirty-nine.
  • Four cases between forty and forty-nine.
  • Two cases over fifty years old.
14 of the diagnosed patients are males, and 23 are females.

The distribution of the cases according to the places of residence;
  • Four in Bethlehem district.
  • Sixteen from Ramallah district.
  • Fifteen from Nablus district.
  • Two from Tulkarem.

The distribution according to city and village;
  • Seven in Al Biereh
  • Two in Betunia
  • Two in Beteen
  • One in Al Mazra's Al Sharqiyya
  • Four in Ramallah
  • One in Nablus
  • Fourteen in Borqa
  • Three in Bethlehem
  • One in Beit Sahour
  • Two in Tulkarem.

Twenty-nine of the residents diagnosed with the flu carry Palestinian nationality, and eight of carry US citizenship.
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