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Nonviolent Palestinian resistance attempts to stave off settlers PDF Print E-mail
Written by PNN   
Friday, 17 October 2008 09:12
Bethlehem / PNN – Israeli settlers continue in the attempt to overtake Ush Ghrab in eastern Beit Sahour with a strong response from the Palestinian nonviolent resistance movement to prevent it.

Daily activities are being held to protect the area named the "crow’s nest” after the Israeli army that occupied it in the past, using it as a military base and look-out point. During Thursday’s sit-in at the site the Director of the Bethlehem NGO Holy Land Trust, Sami Awad and six others involved in the nonviolent resistance were arrested.

Settlers have been actively attempting to colonize this southeastern Bethlehem area for several months claiming religious significance. The Applied Research Institute, ARIJ, notes that it is a land-grab to link the Har Homa Settlement on Abu Ghneim Mountain to settlements further south. Eventually Bethlehem will be entirely hemmed in and cut off from Jerusalem.

Before his arrest Awad told PNN that 50 Palestinians and foreign activists were trying to keep a permanent presence on the land in order to prevent its confiscation.

Earlier this week he said, “Since the morning the settlers began arriving for a major ceremony. With the caravan it appears they plan to occupy the site again. We tried to block them but it seems we cannot because of the large numbers of settlers and the army in the region.”

Dozens of settlers and soldiers are currently swarming the area.

Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh of Bethlehem University told PNN that Israeli soldiers prevented a nonviolent demonstration from moving forward by claiming that this area of Beit Sahour is a “closed military zone.”

Dr. Qumsiyeh stressed the need to maintain a presence on the ground. “We will show them that we are here and will remain on our land.”

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