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Monday, 13 October 2008 01:05
Save Ush Ghrab from colonial encroachment:
Positively affirm our connections to our lands

People in Beit Sahour (the Shepherds' Field) and the surrounding towns and villages will join together in additional activities that connect us to the land of Ush Ghrab where settlers want to take over.  We will join hands again to show the power of nonviolent resistance and affirmation of our rights. 

Join us in one or all of these activities:

  • Monday 13th : At 4 PM, A nature gathering at Ush Ghrab, Music playing and more.  At 6 PM a meeting to design strategies and plan actions.
  • Wednesday 15th, 7 PM: A gathering in the park where we will hear a history of the areas around Beit Sahour and Israeli colonial settler activities followed by discussion of forms of resistance to these activities.  There will also be a concert with music by the Edward Said Conservatory band members.
  • Thursday 16th: This is a day where we expect some settlers to visit the area beginning at 1 PM but we will avoid any confrontation.  Instead, we will begin our activities in Ush Ghrab at 11 AM with nature walks including bird watching activities for the whole family talks by scientists about the nature and tree planting activities (you can help by donating tree saplings).   At 1 PM we will have different congregations holding prayers for peace at the site.  Church and Mosque attendees have been invited.  This will be followed at 2 PM with Marching bands and musical performances.  Food will be available. 

    Join us as we assert our rights and celebrate our connections to our lands.

    Sponsored and endorsed by all civil and religious organizations

More details about Ush Ghrab can be found here
Video of previous activities at the site
And in Text at

The settler group taht is trying to take over the land has a website here:
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